Individuality, artistry, harmony and attention to detail are key to Garuda interior designs. Each interior is completely bespoke. When we begin work on a private home, hotel or public space, we always start with the client, listening, talking and building trust. We work together to create beautiful spaces that are unique and personal, reflecting the user, the location and the architecture.

Our Studio

Our Belfast studio is always a hive of activity, whether a client is in to look through our vast sample library, full of fabrics, colour, textures and ideas, or our team of design experts and architectural technicians are simply hard at work, creating, designing, drawing, and planning. It’s an industrious and pleasing environment, with an open-plan style and buzzy interaction between us all. I am often at the studio, but also spend time travelling to meet the UK and international clients.

Suzanne Garuda

My aim is to think creatively, designing unique, luxurious and interesting interiors that offer a natural and effortless style, yet are impeccably practical. Each space should create an emotional response of wellbeing. I like meeting people and hearing their ideas. It’s my job to collaborate with them, discuss thoughts and share my vision. I want to hear their likes and dislikes; building trust and good relationships is so important to get a successful result. Turning a space into somewhere visually exciting that’s a pleasure to be in, and where the space flows well and tones and textures complement each other is a great joy.

I began my design career in London about 30 years ago, studying fine art at St Martin’s, continuing with studies in specialist traditional decorative painting at Van der Kelen Logelain in Brussels. A decorative art aspect remains strong in my work. I then began to travel the world, living and working in locations from Milan to Kuwait, completing design projects in the Sultan of Brunei’s sister’s palace, London’s National Portrait Gallery, Milan’s Palace Hotel, the state rooms in the Kremlin, Moscow, and many more. Today, my business is based in vibrant Belfast, my home town. It’s grown from being a one-woman enterprise to an expanding team of gifted designers, interior architects and technicians.

I still travel a lot, working globally, in London, France, Italy, and the Middle East, creating bespoke interior spaces for individual clients and for commercial projects.

My team are fantastic, and everything we accomplish is a group effort. I do like to be very involved and hands-on. Our rich tapestry of connections mean we have access to original design, furnishings and skills from incredible craftspeople from all over the world. Attention to detail is critical in everything we do, from getting to know our clients in the first instance, through the creative process right up to fine-tuning the final touches in a room.

Our Team

Ours is a talented team of architectural technicians, design experts, and specialists in commercial and residential work. Every project has one point of contact, and our process is laid out clearly for each. We also work with multi-talented artisans, who vary from design to design. I’ve met many wonderful talented artists and makers throughout my career, and enjoy calling on them for individual pieces and expertise. Working together, and also with this greater design team is a huge part of Garuda’s success.

Our Vision

The Garuda vision is luxurious but creative and fluid. We apply both imagination and practicality to enrich every design project. We create interiors for a rich kaleidoscope of tastes, but communication is at the heart of everything we do. Listening and talking are as much a part of the process as designing. It’s always a collaboration. We match aesthetics to the architecture and purpose of the space and the lifestyle of the client – or customer in commercial work. There is no single Garudastyle room – each project has its own unique story and vision.