Tactile and Inviting

Boutique Hotel, Strangford, Co. Down

The Cuan has been in the heart of Strangford village since the early 1800s. We strived to create a warm and cosy atmosphere fit for the seaside location.

Our client wanted something which was quite elegant, “a little bit of Mayfair in Strangford”. It was important for us to balance this with a casual feel as well to appeal to the local audience as well as tourists.

The original layout felt like a warren of small spaces and rooms, with no sense of space. From the start, we felt it was clear that the main entrance corridor walls needed to be removed, so upon entering you could see through to the bar, while having a glimpse of the main restaurant and open kitchen beyond.

The final design was an elegant mixture of classic style, rich colours and finishes with accompanying eclectic art work and accessories. The re-design of this much loved location has brought a contemporary feel to an old favourite.


Co. Down

“We acquired The Cuan just before Lockdown, and as we had never undertaken a refurbishment of this scale and nature we relied on Suzanne and her team to not only design the layouts and interiors, but also to oversee and manage the entire project for us. As a family business we had various opinions to be taken into consideration and these were listened to and managed. As the area was existing, we relied on Garuda to maximise the area and make any structural changes that needed done, this has been extremely successful creating a much more open and useable space whilst upgrading all of the fixtures. The interior has been completely transformed, from a sterile, dark warren of spaces into an elegant and welcoming restaurant, brasserie and bar, with areas to suit everyone from the casual lunch to a more formal celebratory dinner! Everyone who comes in is so impressed with the total transformation and we are delighted to have a world class Interior to match the food and Service that we aim to provide. We couldn’t have achieved this without the vision and hard work of Suzanne and her team.”

Meriel Sigouridinia, Director, The Cuan.